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How Can Benchmarking Help Shippers in a Rising Rate Environment?

How do you know if you’re overpaying for freight? Or working with a competitive pool of transport partners? Both answers can be found with benchmarking. When you take the time to track and balance industry highs, lows, and averages for freight, you’re taking the time to ensure your company the best rates — no matter what you’re shipping. This [...]

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Six Tips for Cultivating a Strong Pool of Hot Shot Freight Drivers

Hot shot trucking is a valuable part of the freight industry. It provides LTL service and rapid-response transport for sensitive freight. Relying on the spot market for this type of haulage can get expensive fast, which is why it’s in the best interest of shippers to maintain a vetted and well-cultivated pool of hot shot truck drivers. But this [...]

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Freight Claims: How to Handle Damage, Service Failure, and Overcharges

Freight claims are an inevitable part of shipping. Even in the most careful hands, there’s always the chance of damage. Claims offer a way to recoup loss — if shippers are diligent about filing them. A claim isn’t a sure thing until it’s processed, and it’s not processed unless the reporting is accurate, clear, and complete. Companies must be [...]

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TMS Machine Learning Generates Accurate Comps After Recent Disruption

The chaos of 2020 wreaked unprecedented havoc on the freight transport industry. A true Black Swan event, the COVID-19 pandemic derailed every phase of the supply chain and created backlogs some shippers are still working through today. As the ripples continue to affect global trade, a new problem is emerging: the challenge of pulling accurate comps for future data [...]

5 Reasons a Routing Guide is Essential to Minimize Shipping Mistakes

There are significant variables to consider when shipping. Most routine shipments have standard procedures in place to ensure appropriate action; however, all it takes is one variable difference to change the entire dynamic of an outbound shipment. Does your shipping department know how to adapt? Do they know what to do for a non-standard shipment? A routing guide will [...]

Shipping Rates Set to Increase: Now’s the Time to Review Your Auditing Practices

The facts surrounding freight invoices are prevalent. As many as 12% of all freight invoices are incorrect — a number that jumps to as high as 30% when dealing with ocean invoices. Auditing needs to be a priority for every shipper, now more than ever. Freight rates have risen for the past 2 years, and they’re likely not to [...]

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