Reopening Businesses Drive ‘Historic Demand’ for Freight

2020 has been a volatile year for freight. March and April saw historic drop-offs in freight volume and demand. Now, we’re seeing the opposite as the freight industry rebounds in a major way. Data from Uber Freight is showing ‘historic demand’ as businesses reopen and demand for goods kicks up at the end of [...]

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Manufacturing May be Contracting, but Freight Payment Data Says Shipping Isn’t

The manufacturing industrial economy is contracting. Domestic manufacturing is mired by everything from trade wars and tariffs to globalization and rising materials costs. This contraction has rippling effects on cost of production and, in some cases, the price consumers pay. But one sector that remains unaffected by the recent manufacturing downturn [...]

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Uber Freight’s New Industry Report Shines a Glaring Light on Key Areas of Logistical Inefficiency

There’s a never-ending battle for efficiency raging across every supply chain. And while we’re constantly finding new ways to cut costs and optimize, there are areas of waste where we might not understand the ramifications. A new report from Uber Freight sheds light on some of these issues — specifically, logistical [...]

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