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As a leader or someone who is actively involved with the management and movement of shipments around the world, you need to know that shipment visibility is critical for several reasons.

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Why Global Shipment Visibility is Critical


Have you ever wondered why companies partner with Freight Audit & Payment Providers? Are you curious about the value that they offer?

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Why Partner With a Freight Audit & Payment Provider?


Did you know that the right TMS can help you do this? READ More on how you can prepare for the future with IMPACT TMS.

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Do You Want To Save 7-9% On Your Freight Spend?

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Through the utilization of ROUTING GUIDES, you can generate significant savings, while OPTIMIZING many aspects of your supply chain.

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Routing Guide Utilization Can Save You 3-5 % on Your Freight Costs?

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Impact TMS, our Global Freight Management Solution helps companies save money by optimizing carrier selection, reducing manual processes, reducing freight costs, improving inventory management, and reducing order processing costs.

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Is A TMS The Right Choice ?

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Logistics originated in the military, where the ability to fight a battle was predicated on feeding and arming an army away from its home base. The result of a great logistics capability was an army ready and able to do battle.

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The Value of Measurement

cresting the hill

Welcome to the 30th Annual Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) State of Logistics Report. This year’s report identifies an industry at a new crossroads after toughing out the steep grade of last year’s constrained capacity and rising prices. This year demand has softened and growth is in doubt, but not to the point where a steep decline is visible, a context we summarize as Cresting the Hill.

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Cresting the Hill

To better understand expectations and attitudes toward various types of risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, FreightWaves and nVision Global partnered to conduct a survey of oil and gas company executives. It is clear that the coronavirus poses a serious threat to the industry, but it is not the only issue plaguing oil and gas companies.

oil and gas industry update

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Oil and Gas Industry Update