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The Great Freight Squeeze: Don’t Cut Costs — Optimize!

The freight transportation industry is increasingly competitive. Fewer transporters confront higher demand, which drives up prices and complicates already overstressed supply chains. As a result, many shippers are looking for ways to stretch their budgets and maximize the value of the services they receive. As they look to the bottom line, many companies face an all-too-familiar predicament: Do you [...]

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Synergy in Freight Payment Processing

Freight payment is a complex process that transcends a basic accounts payable framework. Beyond simply paying invoices on time, freight payment is a multistep process for receiving, verifying, auditing, validating, remitting, and understanding freight invoices. Each step is critical to an effective payment system. Shippers tend to think of the freight payment process as a single, self-contained function of [...]

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Why Transportation Spend Management Visibility is Crucial

With over 30 years of expertise in the Supply Chain Industry, nVision Global understands the importance of company's having a solid, reliable, and robust Transportation Management System. Unlike our competitors, our team will work with you to craft and configure a solution to ensure you are getting a TMS system that provides the beneficial impacts you are looking for [...]

What Expired Rates Can Teach Shippers About Carrier Selection

Learning from mistakes, 20/20 hindsight, or real-time education: Whatever you call it, experience shapes the way we view the future. Applying well-earned knowledge to present and future situations is a sign of diligence, and it gives your company room to grow. This is the concept behind the use of yesterday’s freight rates to inform tomorrow’s shipping decisions. Old quotes [...]

5 Tips for Freight Cost Reduction in 2022

Spot rates are starting to fall — now slightly down from the all-time highs of 2021 — but they’re still hovering far above what many shippers can afford without upending their freight budgets. Shippers are always in search of sustainable ways to save money. Expectations have prices remaining high, and possibly rising again in 2022, which makes it the [...]

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10 Ways to Strengthen Your Supply Chain

There’s no preparing for a black swan event like the coronavirus pandemic. While most businesses have safeguards in place to deal with adversity, there’s simply no anticipating something so globally disruptive as a pandemic. All we can do is learn from what has already happened. From a supply chain perspective, there’s a lot to learn about resilience, flexibility, and [...]

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