10 Ways to Strengthen Your Supply Chain

There’s no preparing for a black swan event like the coronavirus pandemic. While most businesses have safeguards in place to deal with adversity, there’s simply no anticipating something so globally disruptive as a pandemic. All we can do is learn from what has already happened. From a supply chain perspective, there’s a lot to [...]

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On-Demand Quoting & Reverse Auction: Answers to Your FAQs

On-demand quoting and reverse auctions are two useful tools for controlling shipping costs in the spot market. But shippers sometimes struggle with these scenarios because they’re used to working exclusively with contract carriers. If you find yourself fielding spot market quotes for a one-off shipment, consider using these tools to secure the best possible [...]

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Do We Have the Logistics and Supply Chains for Rapid Pharmaceutical Distribution?

There’s tremendous pressure on pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers to produce a COVID-19 vaccine. But what most people are only now beginning to realize is that even with a viable vaccine, there’s still an exceptional challenge in distributing it. Factors like cold transport, middle mile delivery, warehousing, and more are all question marks as it [...]

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4 Ways Digital Logistics Tools are Driving Triple Bottom Line Profits

The phrase ‘triple bottom line’ was coined back in 1994 by author and business advisor John Elkington. Since then, companies from every sector, big and small, have adopted and employed it. Nowhere has the concept of the triple bottom line thrived like in the logistics industry, however — today, more than ever. The complexities [...]

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