The Top 5 Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2019

Supply chain logistics have come a long way in a short time and it appears there’s even more change on the horizon. Supply chains are seeing an influx of technologies, customer demands, and geopolitical headwinds — all keeping pace with an increasingly globalized society of consumers. The industry faces many headwinds, but several key trends [...]

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Benefits of a Bimodal Supply Chain Strategy

So many schools of thought and different philosophies exist for supply chain management, that it is difficult to find one that is universally applicable. Often, a combination of two or more modalities is the best approach for shippers. This is the basis for a bimodal supply chain strategy: a modern supply chain philosophy that [...]

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eCommerce Is Revolutionizing the Logistics Industry

Across the retail industry, eCommerce is continuing to expand and dominate a wider range of markets. In fact, data indicates as much as 51% of Americans prefer shopping online as opposed to visiting brick-and-mortar stores. This is leading to physical retail stores shuttering their doors and moving the bulk of their operations online. This is [...]

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Supply Chain Management Made Easy

In simpler terms supply chain consist of finding raw material, processing and producing them and then delivering them to the customers. Developing a supply chain management model is a time consuming and expensive task for every manufacturing company around the world. So how to make this process easy? Supply Chain Metrics- Even though logistics industry [...]

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