routing guide utilization


A routing guide establishes a set of rules and requirements for suppliers and shippers to follow when performing shipments, either inbound or outbound.


Routing guides ensure the proper transportation provider, mode of shipment, service level, negotiated rates and cargo type are utilized when products are shipped.

Do your employees and/or suppliers know which transportation provider to use for every shipment?

Routing guides contain routing instructions and the rules of engagement for shipping products from suppliers and to customers. They include modes and carriers to use in specific lanes. They can also contain rates and service requirements. Routing guides help operations staff and trading partners interpret and process the routing instructions and ensure compliance. — Inbound Logistics

If a shipment originates in Shanghai, China and is destined for Amsterdam, Netherlands and it is to be moved via ocean, do they know which provider should be used? Do they know which service level should be utilized?  Do your suppliers know what compliance standards must be followed when shipping products to you or your customer?  Even more, do they know how much you have agreed to pay for the movement of this product?

If you answered yes or you aren’t sure of the answers to these questions, then contact nVision Global and learn how we can help you.

The development of a routing guide may be your solution.  nVision Global will work with you to determine if a routing guide is the solution you need and what the next steps are to helping you save money and stay in compliance.

If a routing guide is something you need, be prepared to receive the following benefits:

  • Reduce costs by utilization of compliant transportation providers
  • Implementation and utilization of vendor compliance standards
  • Simplify the shipping process by showing users which transportation provider to use
  • Ensure correct service level is utilized

  • Establish rate negotiation leverage by combining like shipments to the designated providers

nVision Global utilizes a variety of data sets to help you generate your custom routing guide. We can analyze your past freight expenditures to help you determine the optimal mix of providers and modes to move your shipments. Or, we can partner together to utilize current shipment data and the use of our Procurement and Impact TMS modules to not only create the optimal routing guide, but to ensure its compliance.