rate procurement and negotiation

The Process of Negotiating

How do you manage the grueling process of negotiating with your transportation providers when it comes to your agreed to freight rates?

Are you like most people who spend countless hours creating complex spreadsheets, sending and managing emails and phone calls that seem to never stop and only to find that at some point all of your documentation is out of sync?

If you answer is Yes, nVision Global’s Rate Procurement & Negotiations Software and Services may be your answer.

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Build Key Project Indicators

Our team will work with the you to establish key project goals and objectives, establish the selected transportation provider base and build your project to your specific needs.

Once the project is created, we’ll work with you and your transportation providers throughout the bidding and tender process to ensure the process is smooth and seamless all the way through completion.

Our web based solution delivers an easy-to-use interface that allows transportation providers to see the available lanes, submit their bids and for you to analyze these bids in one view.  There is no comparing of spreadsheets or trying to compare one provider’s rates to another where they don’t exactly line up.  Those days are gone!

What Sets Our Solution Apart?

  • Standardizes transportation providers bid submission templates
  • Includes only approved transportation providers
  • Automates the submission and receipt of transportation providers bids
  • Provides project management solutions to show all the details of the project
  • We provide an expert team to walk you through the entire procurement project
  • Robust analytical tools that provide insight into the bids, going deeper than just cost comparisons
  • Allows customers to perform multiple provider analysis to determine the optimal number of providers per lane

Why Choose Us?

  • Available On-Demand 24/7 Worldwide
  • Supports all modes of transport
  • Ability to create projects ranging from one lane of activity to large multi-level global procurement exercises.
  • Web Based communication portal for all procurement activity

  • Ability to freely customize bid parameters based on specific client needs
  • Comprehensive Bid Analysis and Provider ranking
  • Built In Project Management Utilities for Overall Tender Management
  • Built In Address Book Management
  • Integrated Bid Acceptance Visibility
  • Integrated Document Management

Business Case


  • A large pork exporter was paying too much Full Truck Load (FTL) shipments
  • Management mandated a decrease in suppliers and expenses
  • With plants in separate countries, each plant had their own transportation providers
  • The last FTL procurement project took six months!
  • Their goals were to finish the project within 60 days, decrease the provider base by 40% and reduce FTL freight costs


  • Developed a strategy using regional issues such as different ERP platforms, non-EDI providers, provider history, etc.
  • Managed the entire tender process, except for provider selection and final negotiations
  • Built a custom tender template to ensure that providers’ bids were submitted in a single format/controlled bid form
  • Ensured that only vetted transportation providers were considered in final negotiations


  • Resulted in an 8% savings ($2,000,0000+) in just European FTL spend
  • Completed in less than 60 days
  • Reduced the carrier base by more than 50%
  • Enabled our client to negotiate effectively as our Procurement Solution gave them the entire bid ranking organized so they could easily pit providers and their offerings against each other by lane or region