Using Freight Bill Audit Data to Simulate Future Business

A business is only as successful as its ability to look ahead and plan accordingly for the future. Being proactive can alleviate future headaches, stave off potential problems, and conserve costs — all while optimizing operations. But when it comes to anticipating the future, companies need to rely on high-quality historical data. The best [...]

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Shipment vs. Invoice Freight Bill Auditing

There are multiple routes that get to the same destination — just ask any freight logistics expert. That said, there’s often an optimal route: one that accomplishes the task quickly, with minimal risk or margin for error. It’s a concept that goes beyond route planning and, in fact, extends to freight bill auditing. There [...]

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What Can Freight Bill Audit Data Tell You About Service Failures?

In the world of freight transportation, service failures are bound to happen. It’s impossible to account for every variable on a shipping run, and often, many are out of our control anyway. Yet, that doesn’t mean we’re completely powerless to prevent them. Given access to service failure data from freight bill auditing, shippers will [...]

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The Many Faces of Freight Bill Audit Savings

It’s easy to think about a freight invoice audit as a specific event with a singular purpose. Shippers must reconcile their books and make sure everything balances out, with the benefit of arbitrating expenses along the way. But what many don’t realize is that this often-tedious task offers far-ranging benefits that go beyond just being [...]

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The Great Freight Squeeze: Don’t Cut Costs — Optimize!

The freight transportation industry is increasingly competitive. Fewer transporters confront higher demand, which drives up prices and complicates already overstressed supply chains. As a result, many shippers are looking for ways to stretch their budgets and maximize the value of the services they receive. As they look to the bottom line, many companies face [...]

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