Synergy in Freight Payment Processing

Freight payment is a complex process that transcends a basic accounts payable framework. Beyond simply paying invoices on time, freight payment is a multistep process for receiving, verifying, auditing, validating, remitting, and understanding freight invoices. Each step is critical to an effective payment system. Shippers tend to think of the freight payment process as [...]

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5 Tips for Freight Cost Reduction in 2022

Spot rates are starting to fall — now slightly down from the all-time highs of 2021 — but they’re still hovering far above what many shippers can afford without upending their freight budgets. Shippers are always in search of sustainable ways to save money. Expectations have prices remaining high, and possibly rising again in [...]

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Self-Service vs. Full-Service Freight Claims: Which Is Right for You?

When freight claims occur, they can kick-start a protracted claims management process. Shippers must submit claims correctly and in a timely fashion, but they also need to ensure they’re facilitating the claim from an operational standpoint. Without a strong grip on the process, and a keen attention to detail, even a simple freight claim [...]

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Automated Bidding and Spot Auction Tools Essential as Prices Rise

The media’s buzzword of the moment is “inflation.” Materials shortages, rising prices, and consistent demand all indicate that we’re on the cusp of an inflationary period. The outcome remains to be seen, but now is the time for companies to practice smart spending. For a simple way to spend smarter, take advantage of volatility [...]

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