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Does Your Procurement Portal Provide These Essential Features?

Procurement portals are an effective tool for streamlining freight partnerships. Whether you’re fielding bids or trying to update current contracts, portals provide a single point-of-access source for simplifying shipping operations — if they’re designed to do so. A well-designed portal makes all the difference to a streamlined 3PL relationship, but it needs the right features, user experience (UX), and [...]

Consider Freight Class When Choosing Carriers

If you’ve ever made a mistake delineating freight class on an outgoing shipment, you know how costly your error can be. Reclassifications drastically increase the cost and may lose you any discounts or special rates that otherwise applied to the original (incorrect) code. It pays to classify things correctly the first time. It also pays to consider classification when [...]

Companies Need Visibility To Compete In Today’s Environment

Check out Barry Evans Q & A  below in July's edition of Inbound Logistics. Why do companies need visibility to compete in today’s environment? "Companies that do not have visibility across their whole logistics operations are likely to miss out on opportunities to work more efficiently and deliver cost savings. For example, a customer told me they spent around [...]

Data Cleansing for Freight Shippers

Freight data is invaluable in the modern era. It’s necessary for decision-making at every phase of operations, and it provides the insights necessary to ensure continuous efficiency. But data is only as valuable as it is accurate, and for many shippers, data accuracy can be a challenge. Incorrect data can do as much harm as current, correct data can [...]

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As Trucking Prices Spike, Intermodal Becomes More Attractive

The many struggles of over-the-road (OTR) freight logistics are coming to a head in 2022 as shippers face problems with both price and availability. Insufficient trucks — and drivers — continue to handicap domestic supply chains, forcing many shippers to seek alternative solutions for transporting goods. Many are finding reprieve in the intermodal market, which is less congested than [...]

Focus on End-to-End Freight Order Management

It’s easy to think about freight orders in terms of stages. Whether you’re selecting a transportation provider or auditing a shipment, it’s natural to focus on whatever phase of the process your order is in, but it’s essential to recognize each phase as an integral part of a bigger picture. Solving the logistics puzzle to create the best possible [...]

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