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Track and Trace: Top Concern for Shippers During COVID-19

Where’s your shipment of widgets right now? Where was it yesterday? Where will it be tomorrow? In three days? At the end of the week? These are pertinent questions any shipper or supply chain manager has on a daily (or even hourly) basis. As the complexity of global supply chains has grown, so has the demand for oversight at [...]

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The COVID-19 Silver Lining: 3 Ways the Pandemic is Pushing Freight Innovation

COVID-19 was a wakeup call for supply chain managers around the world. From the simplest supply chains to the most complex, there was no escape from the disruption of the pandemic. Now, as supply chain professionals look back at the disruption, many are looking ahead at ways to prevent a future situation from arising. How do you recoup more [...]

Do We Have the Logistics and Supply Chains for Rapid Pharmaceutical Distribution?

There’s tremendous pressure on pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers to produce a COVID-19 vaccine. But what most people are only now beginning to realize is that even with a viable vaccine, there’s still an exceptional challenge in distributing it. Factors like cold transport, middle mile delivery, warehousing, and more are all question marks as it relates to global distribution of [...]

Reopening Businesses Drive ‘Historic Demand’ for Freight

2020 has been a volatile year for freight. March and April saw historic drop-offs in freight volume and demand. Now, we’re seeing the opposite as the freight industry rebounds in a major way. Data from Uber Freight is showing ‘historic demand’ as businesses reopen and demand for goods kicks up at the end of the third quarter. It’s a [...]

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4 Ways Digital Logistics Tools are Driving Triple Bottom Line Profits

The phrase ‘triple bottom line’ was coined back in 1994 by author and business advisor John Elkington. Since then, companies from every sector, big and small, have adopted and employed it. Nowhere has the concept of the triple bottom line thrived like in the logistics industry, however — today, more than ever. The complexities and nuances of an evolving [...]

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The Freight Transport Industry is Nearing a Major Shakeup

There’s a lot of talk about the ‘new normal’ post-COVID-19. Although no one really knows what this looks like, there’s plenty of speculating out there to fuel headlines, both good and bad. For those looking past the sensationalized headlines to the movements of the industry, the new normal is becoming clearer by the day — at least, the new [...]

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