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Drive Costs Lower By Building And Utilizing A Routing Guide

It is said that moving freight is all about relationships. If that is true, what value does a routing guide provide? A great deal, it turns out. Routing guides are essential documents that provide a list of carriers approved to move loads. A routing guide is more than just a list of carriers, though, it is a living document that [...]


How a TMS can drive inefficiency out of your operation

Technology has been instrumental in ushering operational efficiency across large swathes of the freight hauling space, utilizing data in ways that were virtually unheard of a decade before. Data analytics and machine learning have impacted the industry in several ways, identifying inefficiencies within processes and providing insights to foster frictionless freight movement. Nonetheless, industry fragmentation has made it difficult for [...]


Gaining visibility into past events starts with the right TMS, and the right process design

Having the right visibility into the supply chain not only requires having the right TMS system, but also the right design of your networks. History repeats itself, it is said, unless something is done to change its course. The freight world bears this out, and yet companies that move freight continually pay more to move that freight simply because [...]


10 Ways to Reduce Freight Costs Without Complicating Logistics

Cost-cutting is generally seen as a last resort to help reverse profits that are trending downward. But if there’s fat to trim, cost-cutting offers perfectly viable opportunities to increase the bottom line. […]

Minimize Problems with Freight Claims by Evaluating Common Errors First

Discrepancies among freight invoices can easily slip by unnoticed. A decimal point in the wrong place, confusion about an invoice number, or even the wrong date can result in issues such as missing payments, overcharges and chargebacks, and more. Unfortunately, manual auditing takes time and is still prone to the same human error that caused problems [...]


Machine Learning Is Powering Smarter Supply Chains

Global supply chains are becoming so complex that cutting-edge computing is quickly finding a home in this industry. Specifically, machine learning is carving out a place as must-have technology for supply chains of the future. It’s already used for forecasting, probability mapping, route planning, quality control, and much more. […]


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