What Expired Rates Can Teach Shippers About Carrier Selection

Learning from mistakes, 20/20 hindsight, or real-time education: Whatever you call it, experience shapes the way we view the future. Applying well-earned knowledge to present and future situations is a sign of diligence, and it gives your company room to grow. This is the concept behind the use of yesterday’s freight rates to inform [...]

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5 Reasons a Routing Guide is Essential to Minimize Shipping Mistakes

There are significant variables to consider when shipping. Most routine shipments have standard procedures in place to ensure appropriate action; however, all it takes is one variable difference to change the entire dynamic of an outbound shipment. Does your shipping department know how to adapt? Do they know what to do for a non-standard [...]

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Do We Have the Logistics and Supply Chains for Rapid Pharmaceutical Distribution?

There’s tremendous pressure on pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers to produce a COVID-19 vaccine. But what most people are only now beginning to realize is that even with a viable vaccine, there’s still an exceptional challenge in distributing it. Factors like cold transport, middle mile delivery, warehousing, and more are all question marks as it [...]

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Inclement Winter Weather’s Effect on Freight Logistics and What You Can Do About It

Winter is a costly season for shipping companies and businesses relying on freight transport. Inclement weather is incredibly disruptive and costly. Trying to plan for it is fruitless. Instead, it’s important to focus contingency planning and proactive maneuvering on what you can control — your supply chain. Being cognizant of [...]

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