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10 Ways to Reduce Freight Costs Without Complicating Logistics

Cost-cutting is generally seen as a last resort to help reverse profits that are trending downward. But if there’s fat to trim, cost-cutting offers perfectly viable opportunities to increase the bottom line. […]

Minimize Problems with Freight Claims by Evaluating Common Errors First

Discrepancies among freight invoices can easily slip by unnoticed. A decimal point in the wrong place, confusion about an invoice number, or even the wrong date can result in issues such as missing payments, overcharges and chargebacks, and more. Unfortunately, manual auditing takes time and is still prone to the same human error that caused problems [...]


Machine Learning Is Powering Smarter Supply Chains

Global supply chains are becoming so complex that cutting-edge computing is quickly finding a home in this industry. Specifically, machine learning is carving out a place as must-have technology for supply chains of the future. It’s already used for forecasting, probability mapping, route planning, quality control, and much more. […]


The Top 5 Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2019

Supply chain logistics have come a long way in a short time and it appears there’s even more change on the horizon. Supply chains are seeing an influx of technologies, customer demands, and geopolitical headwinds — all keeping pace with an increasingly globalized society of consumers. The industry faces many headwinds, but several key trends [...]

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Benefits of a Bimodal Supply Chain Strategy

So many schools of thought and different philosophies exist for supply chain management, that it is difficult to find one that is universally applicable. Often, a combination of two or more modalities is the best approach for shippers. This is the basis for a bimodal supply chain strategy: a modern supply chain philosophy that is gaining [...]

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Is Your TMS Helping or Hindering?

Transportation Management System (TMS) software is arguably the most important asset of a third-party logistics provider (3PL). An inclusive TMS software will provide the tools, resources, and technologies necessary for supply chain management, all within an integrated system that serves as a system of record. […]

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