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The Top 5 Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2019

Supply chain logistics have come a long way in a short time and it appears there’s even more change on the horizon. Supply chains are seeing an influx of technologies, customer demands, and geopolitical headwinds — all keeping pace with an increasingly globalized society of consumers. The industry faces many headwinds, but several key trends are [...]

February 20th, 2019|Supply Chain|

Benefits of a Bimodal Supply Chain Strategy

So many schools of thought and different philosophies exist for supply chain management, that it is difficult to find one that is universally applicable. Often, a combination of two or more modalities is the best approach for shippers. This is the basis for a bimodal supply chain strategy: a modern supply chain philosophy that is gaining [...]

February 11th, 2019|Supply Chain|

Is Your TMS Helping or Hindering?

Transportation Management System (TMS) software is arguably the most important asset of a third-party logistics provider (3PL). An inclusive TMS software will provide the tools, resources, and technologies necessary for supply chain management, all within an integrated system that serves as a system of record. […]

February 8th, 2019|Transportation Management|

How the Internet of Things Is Improving Freight Transport Accountability

The internet of things (IoT) is making waves in virtually every industry today. However, few industries stand to benefit as much or as broadly as those in the freight transportation sector. Already, IoT innovations have begun to bring efficiencies and better oversight to global supply chains. Now, the focus is on improving accountability. […]

January 22nd, 2019|Internet of Things(IoT)|

Know Your Pain Points: Where Is Your Supply Chain Suffering?

Are you able to see every part of your supply chain clearly? Do you have control over its various facets of operation? Is your supply chain agile and flexible? These might seem like logistical problems, but they actually have more to do with visibility. The better your supply chain visibility, the more power you have to [...]

January 16th, 2019|Supply Chain|

The EU’s Newest Trucking Rules Could Upend the Industry

The winds of change are blowing across the roads of the European Union (EU), and they’re taking truckers by surprise. Recently passed legislation will raise wages, mandate better record keeping, and create better working conditions for truckers. Not everyone is happy, though. What’s good for some countries is brewing hardship for others. […]

January 16th, 2019|Freight News|

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