Save 5-7% on Administration and Overhead Costs by Implementing our Global Freight Management Solution, Impact TMS.

Company Overview

nVision Global is the leader in global freight management solutions and services, special- izing in Freight Audit & Payment, Order Man- agement, Supplier Management, Visibility, TMS and Freight Spend Analytics.

Quick Facts

  • ISO 9001 Certified Operations Center
  • We Manage Billions in Freight Spend Annually
    Certified FedEx Freight Bill Audit & Payment Provider
  • Associates are Located in 7 Corporate Facilities Across 3 Continents and 12 Countries

No Customer has Spent More Money on our Services & Solutions than they have Saved!

Freight Audit & Payment

Enables companies to save 7-15% on freight invoice charges, easily collaborate with carriers to resolve invoice issues and have access to the data that drives future savings.

Impact TMS

Our Global Freight Management Solutions allow you to plan, organize and manage all of your global shipments in one, easy to use, global solution.

Freight Claims

Our solutions ensure your shipments are protected from loss & damage, service failure and overcharges. With an 87% collection rate, resulting in more than $7,000,000 in recovered charges, you can trust nVision Global.

Impact TMS, our Global Freight Management Solution helps companies save money by optimizing carrier selection, reducing manual processes, reducing freight costs, improving inventory management, and reducing order processing costs.

Optimizing Carrier Selection

Impact TMS helps companies optimize their transportation provider selection process by comparing rates and transit times among differ- ent providers. This enables companies to select the optimal provider based on specific customer requirements.

Reducing Freight Costs

Impact TMS helps companies consolidate ship- ments and optimize routing to reduce freight costs. By analyzing shipping data and identifying opportunities for consolidation, companies can save money on transportation costs.

Reducing Processing Costs

Impact TMS automates your order processing, thus reducing the time and labor required to process orders. This can lead to faster order fulfillment times and lower overall costs.

Reducing Manual Processes

Impact TMS automates many manual processes, such as scheduling, routing, and real-time shipment visibility. By reducing the need for manual interven- tion, companies can reduce the risk of errors and save time and labor costs.

Improve Inventory Management

A TMS can provide real-time visibility into inventory levels in transit and shipment status. This enables companies to better manage their inventory levels, reducing the need for excess inventory and the associated carrying costs.

Real Time Visibility

A TMS allows customers to track their shipments in real-time, giving them up-to-date information about the location and status of their goods. This can help customers plan their operations and improve customer service by providing accurate delivery esti- mates