Routing Guide Utilization Can Save You 3-5% On Your Freight Costs?

Company Overview

nVision Global is the leader in global freight management solutions and services, special- izing in Freight Audit & Payment, Order Man- agement, Supplier Management, Visibility, TMS and Freight Spend Analytics.

Quick Facts

  • ISO 9001 Certified Operations Center
  • We Manage Billions in Freight Spend Annually
  • Certified FedEx Freight Bill Audit & Payment Provider
  • Associates are Located in 7 Corporate Facilities Across 3 Continents and 12 Countries

Services & Solutions

No Customer has Spent More Money on our Services & Solutions than they have Saved!

Freight Audit & Payment

Enables companies to save 7-15% on freight invoice charges, easily collaborate with carriers to resolve invoice issues and have access to the data that drives future savings.

Impact TMS

Our Global Freight Management Solutions allow you to plan, organize and manage all of your global shipments in one, easy to use, global solution.

Freight Claims

Our solutions ensure your shipments are protected from loss & damage, service failure and overcharges. With an 87% collection rate, resulting in more than $7,000,000 in recovered charges, you can trust nVision Global.


Are your employees utilizing the optimal transportation provider for every shipment?

Are you losing money and customers because your transportation providers are not performing at acceptable levels?

How do you measure your transportation provider performance?

If Any of These Questions Peaked Your Interest, You Owe It to Yourself to Take a Look at nVision Global’s Freight Management Solution IMPACT TMS.

IMPACT TMS ensures shippers utilize the optimal transportation provider for every shipment by comparing rates, transit times, equipment, service levels and other attributes among all of the potential transportation providers IMPACT TMS then provides recommendations on the best transportation provider to use based on a company’s specific requirements.

Additionally, IMPACT TMS also provides real-time visibility into transportation provider performance, including on-time delivery rates and other metrics. This enables companies to track transportation provider performance and make informed decisions about provider selection based on historical data.

Another way that IMPACT TMS can guarantee the use of the optimal transportation provider is by enabling companies to negotiate better rates with providers. By generating detailed shipment data and historical performance metrics, IMPACT TMS helps companies negotiate more favorable rates with transportation providers based on their shipping volumes and specific requirements.