Why Partner with a Freight Audit & Payment Provider?

Have you ever wondered why companies partner with Freight Audit & Payment Providers? Are you curious about the value that they offer?

Company Overview

nVision Global is the leader in global freight management solutions and services, specializing in Freight Audit & Payment, Order Management, Supplier Management, Visibility, TMS and Freight Spend Analytics.

Quick Facts

  • ISO 9001 Certified Operations Center
  • We Manage Billions in Freight Spend Annually
  • Certified FedEx Freight Bill Audit & Payment Provider
  • Associates are Located in 7 Corporate Facili- ties Across 3 Continents and 12 Countries

Services & Solutions

No Customer has Spent More Money on our Services & Solutions than they have Saved!

Freight Audit & Payment

Enables companies to save 7-15% on freight invoice charges, easily collaborate with carriers to resolve invoice issues and have access to the data that drives future savings.

Impact TMS

Our Global Freight Management Solu- tions allow you to plan, organize and manage all of your global shipments in one, easy to use, global solution.

Freight Claims

Our solutions ensure your shipments are protected from loss & damage, service failure and overcharges. With an 87% collection rate, resulting in more than $7,000,000 in recovered charges, you can trust nVision Global.

Do you know why so many Fortune 500 Companies have partnered with nVision Global?

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Cost Savings

nVision Global is able to help identify and recover overpayments, duplicate charges, and other errors that can result in significant cost savings across all of you global locations and ALL of the transportation providers you utilize around the world.

Increased Efficiency

By partnering with nVision Global and utilizing our freight audit and payment process, you can free up internal resources and streamline your accounts payable process, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity and employee satisfac- tion.

Risk Management

nVision Global is able to help mitigate the risk of fraud and other financial irregularities by providing an additional layer of oversight and monitoring.

Improved Accuracy

nVision Global specializes in identifying and correcting errors in freight invoices, which can help ensure you are paying the correct amount for every charge, on every shipment.


nVision Global has been in business for nearly 30 years and employs experts in transportation and logistics, who can provide valuable insights and recommendations to you optimize your freight spend and improve your overall supply chain performance.