The Key to a businessÔÇÖs success- a regular performance analysis and introspection. Shippers who wish to grow their trade rapidly must incorporate programs/tools/services that provide detailed and intelligent analysis report of their business performance. This can help them eliminate liabilities or outdated techniques they might be using in their in house operations or in their supply chain partnerships.

Detailed Analysis Reports of Logistics processes bring excellent Return on Investment for companies worldwide. A report in 2014 found that each dollar spent on report generation brings a return of $13 for the business. This is a subtle hint of how the improvement of your in-house or supply chain processes can bring huge profits for your enterprise.

Empowering Business Intelligence tools such as nVision GlobalÔÇÖs iReports are known for creating detailed and customized analysis reports of all the transportation and auditing processes for each of their shipments. These reports have several layers which allows the users to zoom in on any specific business data and understand the outcome on that particular process or response. It is even more beneficial if these reports can be made keeping in consideration fields that are crucial for a business especially. Thus, reports that can be customized or have algorithms and formulas added in them are the most useful sort of reports businesses look for. nVision GlobalÔÇÖs iReports creates such reports while representing them in easy to understand graphical formats.

Moreover, the reports when made available for anytime access they serve as a database against which future reports or activities can be assessed. iReports provides this feature in formats that can be accessed anywhere through easy log in process.

An analysis that can help shippers understand the outcomes of their resources and strategies implied in logistics processes can become an asset. This analysis serves as a lesson for the business runners bringing loopholes and vital properties in light.

Therefore, using BI tools to enhance the productivity and profits of an enterprise through intelligent analysis reports is a Best Practice rule for success in the present world.