Transportation Management Software and Services are becoming more vital for success in the current Logistics Management world. nVision Global fulfills Logistics needs through software and services that offer optimized solutions for all transportation modes and moves type, namely- iMpact TMS. TMS solutions are known to save between 5-8 % of transportation expense. Businesses that are investing in these solutions are getting an excellent ROI.

Especially when the shipment is of Small Package type, the need and use of TMS is more immediate and sensitive. For a Package that is small in size, much lighter in weight than other types of shipments, and much individualistic in nature prompt information gathering is required. Also, the shipments need to be managed and tracked more carefully because it is easier to miss out single packages from big cargos. All of these issues can be tackled by using latest transportation management software that can track shipments worldwide.

Leading vendors have observed a 15% growth in TMS usage within small businesses market in North America.

Few advisable solutions for your small package shipping TMS are:

    • Automated Auditing is required to catch errors in small package shipments since they are easy to be misplaced or lost while travelling long distance. An automated auditing process can track billing discrepancy and locate whether any of the packages were lost or were not loaded in the shipment. Intermodal shipment of packages can benefit from this solution.
    • Compliance management to ensure that the packages are ready to be processed at the time of shipping. Small packages when shipped internationally need to adhere to several regulations. An advanced TMS can make sure all these regulations are complied. A solution like this minimizes the time taken in delivering a shipment; saving precious opportunity cost.
    • Customer service efficiency should be heightened while supporting shipments that consist of small packages since these packages generally consider individual customers. The amount of documentation is much more in these packages and thus there is requirement of effective organization with the help of a modern day Transportation management software and services provider like nVision Global.
    • Optimization of routes can reduce any delay in shipping that might occur due to the route choice. Small package shipments that are transferred multiple times between different modes of transportation can benefit from this optimized management through cloud based TMS services.
    Thus, using progressive Transportation Management software and services like iMpact TMS offered by nVision Global bring solutions to benefit small package shipments in the supremely competitive world of Logistics Management.