Procurement teams spend countless hours every year working with transportation providers to establish new rate bases.  This results in countless hours, spreadsheets, emails and phone calls.  It’s a never ending process whereby no two spreadsheets are the same and you are constantly comparing apples to oranges in trying to determine the optimum provider for any given lane to obtain the right capacity at the right rate.

This is where nVision Global’s Procurement Solution Comes In!

Our Procurement Solution is a Cloud Based Application that automates the process of issuing, receiving and analyzing freight rate bids on a global scale.  You no longer have to normalize all the spreadsheets you receive from all of the different providers and then try to determine which provider is offering the most competitive rates.  Now there is an application that can do all of this and more for you.

Attributes of Our Procurement Solution

  • Standardizes transportation providers bid submission templates
  • Includes only approved transportation providers
  • Automates the submission and receipt of transportation providers bids
  • Provides project management solutions to show all the details of the procurement project
  • We provide an expert team to help walk you through the procurement project
  • Provides a robust analytical solution that provides insight into the bids that is goes deeper than just cost comparisons
  • Allows for customers to perform multiple provider analysis to determine the optimal number of providers per lane

What Sets our Procurement Solution Apart

  • Available On-Demand 24/7 Worldwide

  • Supports all modes of transport

  • Ability to create projects ranging from one lane of activity to large multi-level global procurement exercises.

  • Web Based communication portal for all procurement activity

  • Ability to freely customize bid parameters based on specific client needs

  • Comprehensive Bid Analysis and Provider ranking

  • Built In Project Management Utilities for Overall Tender Management

  • Built In Address Book Management

  • Integrated Bid Acceptance Visibility

  • Integrated Document Management