Extensive Reporting Platforms

Because nVision Global captures so much data, it is imperative that we provide that data to you in a multitude of ways so you have access to the KPI's you need and are you able to make intelligent business decisions based on data and not assumptions.  nVision Global has developed some of the leading Business Intelligence and data analytics solutions in the industry.

We have standard KPI's that we have developed over the years by listening to our customers and providers regarding what they want to quickly see in a graphical format.  We also allow you to utilize the latest mapping technologies to see your shipment data on a map to get a sense of where your shipments are originating and the associated destinations.  Likewise, we also have created an Adhoc reporting technology that not only allows you to pick and choose which data elements you want in your report but also allows you to store that query and schedule it for email delivery based on your criterion. You can schedule hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly custom reports based on what is most important to you and your company.

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