iMpact TMS

nVision Global’s iMpact TMS is a revolutionary new application that can be configured to fulfill your company's needs and requirements.  We have created this application in a modular format to allow you to add and remove functionality with minimum interruption to your everyday business processing.  iMpact TMS features modules that allow you to perform the following functions:

  • System Integration (Customer/Supplier/Vendor Purchase Order Integration)
  • Shipment Creation (ERP, Customer/Supplier/Vendor or Manual Options)
  • Multi-Modal Rating (Mode/Cargo Type/Service Type/Service Level)
  • Spot Quote (controlled auction capability)
  • Configurable Approval Levels
  • Order Management
  • Shipment Visibility
  • Integrated Freight Audit and Payment


nVision Global’s iMpact TMS also allows for either an nVision Global Control Tower management of your shipments or a customer-managed option.  Because iMpact TMS is cloud-based, you can access your shipment data from anywhere in the world, which means you can take control of your shipment activity or allow for nVision Global's experts to manage this activity for you. Allowing nVision Global to manage your shipments ensures the following activities are performed, while allowing your associates to focus on the core compenticies of your business.
  • Organization of the shipment (setting it up in the application or ensuring it is created via an automated solution)
  • Optimization of the shipment (consolidation, etc.) utilizing the customer’s business rules
  • Management of any spot quotes and/or approvals required
  • Ensuring routing guide or transportation provider selection criteria are enforced
  • Management of shipment tender/booking
  • Management of the shipment from pickup to delivery and ensuring any updates from the provider for visibility are delivered

iMpact TMS nVision Global’s cloud-based solution enables our customers to manage their entire supply chain, from pickup to delivery, while including their internal logistics departments, transportation providers, suppliers, distribution centers and vendors in the process.

Some Features of iMpact TMS


  • Utilization & Creation of Routing Guides
  • Automated Alerts and Approval Processes
  • Controlled Spot Quotes
  • Automated Rating, Routing & Booking of Shipments

Customizable and Configurable

  • Configurable Dashboard
  • Customizable Reporting Features
  • Customizable Data Elements to Facilitiate Custom Reporting
  • Configurable Approval Processes
  • Customizable Required/Not Required Fields

Business Intelligence/Advanced Analytics

  • KPI Reports
  • Quick Access to Relevant Documents
  • Real-Time Track & Trace of your Shipments
  • Financial Analysis
  • Carrier Scorecard Creation
  • Ability to Determine Actual Cost of Unit Shipped


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