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nVision Global has established itself as a leader in Logistics Management software and services. We have developed a number of applications that our customers rely on everyday to help optimize their Supply Chain. nVision Global's iMpact TMS has helped transform our customers logistics operations, and provided actual savings in excess of $20,000,000 USD over the past 2 years. The functionality built into iMpact TMS is unlike most options on the market, and because this is our software, we are able to customize it to fit your needs. Some of this functionality includes:

  • EDI Compatible
  • Vendor Integration
  • Purchase Order Integration
  • Shipment Creation
  • Shipment Rating
  • Shipment Spot Bid
  • Shipment Approval
  • Shipment Tender/Booking
  • Shipment Visibility
  • Extensive Reporting

Our iProcurement solution provides a full-scale freight tender platform supporting all modes of transportation. nVision Global's Tender Services offer a suite of four freight tender services specifically designed to reduce workload, increase market visibility, and support the decision-making process through our advanced optimization and allocation tools. In addition to iMpact TMS and iProcurement, nVision Global also provides solutions services such as Control Tower operations for those customers seeking an outsourced TMS solution, as well as consulting services to help you optimize and streamline your entire global supply chain. These services include

  • Benchmarking
  • Site Location Studies
  • Rate Negotiations
  • Distribution Optimization
  • KPI Development & Monitoring
  • Routing Guide Development
  • Transportation Provider & Vendor Compliance
Global Shipment Visibility

Have you ever experienced a shipment being delayed, misrouted, or damaged, and you did not find out about it until it was too late to fix? Our Global Shipment Visibility module allows you to track real-time all inbound/outbound freight, the status of deliveries, and to know exactly where your shipments are at any given time - globally, with just one click.

Additionally, nVision Global provides best-in-class Business Intelligence solutions that allow you to analyze all of your Freight Audit, Claims, and Negotiated Pricing Tariff data. Because we can combine all of this data together in our reporting solutions, nVision Global allows you to see what changes need to be made to optimize your processes, ultimately saving your time and money.

Routing Guide Development

What is a Routing Guide? According to Inbound Logistics, "Routing guides contain routing instructions and the rules of engagement for shipping products from suppliers and to customers. Routing guides help operations staff and trading partners interpret and process the routing instructions and ensure compliance."

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