Do You Have the Real-Time Visibility into Your Shipments that You Need?

  • Do You Know When Your Shipments are Picked Up/Delivered?

  • Do You Know When Your Shipment was Placed on the Rail Transport?

  • Do You Know When Your Shipment was Placed on the Ocean Vessel

  • Do You Know When Your Shipment made it to the Destination Port?

  • Do You Know Where Your Shipment is Enroute?

  • Do You Know When Your Shipment Cleared Customs?

Once a shipment is made, do you have visibility to that shipment from pickup to delivery? Do you have to go to multiple websites to track your shipments?  If it is a small parcel shipment, you can use the UPS, DHL or FedEx tracking capabilities, but what if your shipment has to be loaded on rail to the port, then placed on an ocean vessel and drayed to another location? Do you have the answers to when the shipment will be delivered and where is it now?

You can bet your customers will be asking you these questions, so why not use nVision Global’s Visibility module to get these answers? Antiquated and ineffective ways of tracking and tracing shipments has proved to be inefficient and ineffective in meeting the demands of today’s fast-paced modern world.

 iVisibility Dashboard

Our Visibility solution answers the what, where and why pertaining to your shipments details. This let’s you focus on optimizing your transportation processes and make intelligent decisions based on data, not emotion or gut feelings and ultimately ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

We fully understand how important visibility to shipment activity is for both you and your customers. Our Visibility module allows you to track all inbound / outbound freight shipments in real-time. You can see the status of deliveries and know exactly where your shipments are at any given time, anywhere in the world, with just one click.