Six ways a TMS improves shipper of choice standing

Shippers of choice all have one thing in common: They put the truck driver first. They accomplish this in different ways, but the theme of finding ways to make life easier for the driver prevails. Whether that is less detention time, quicker payments, improved route optimization or driver amenities at shipping facilities, drivers appreciate working [...]

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In order to scale, tech solutions need to be adaptive

Overall supply chain and logistics tech spending will rise to $87.8 billion over the next three years. That’s according to new research from Logistics Trends & Insights, LLC and American Global Logistics (AGL). The study shows that U.S. companies will spend more than $2.5 billion in disruptive logistics and supply chain technologies by 2022. The [...]

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How a TMS can drive inefficiency out of your operation

Technology has been instrumental in ushering operational efficiency across large swathes of the freight hauling space, utilizing data in ways that were virtually unheard of a decade before. Data analytics and machine learning have impacted the industry in several ways, identifying inefficiencies within processes and providing insights to foster frictionless freight movement. Nonetheless, industry fragmentation [...]

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Gaining visibility into past events starts with the right TMS, and the right process design

Having the right visibility into the supply chain not only requires having the right TMS system, but also the right design of your networks. History repeats itself, it is said, unless something is done to change its course. The freight world bears this out, and yet companies that move freight continually pay more to [...]

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