Invoice Backup

As one of the first steps in our freight audit process, nVision Global will ensure your invoices and supporting documentation are imaged utilizing the latest imaging technology available. nVision Global has several ways of capturing the images of your invoices and supporting documentation, even when your data is submitted via EDI by a transportation provider. We have the ability to accept images via our online portal iUpload™ that combines all documents submitted into a single pdf image. We can also accept images through email, paper copies of invoices, as well as several other means for invoice acceptance.

In addition to performing this image capture, we also provide you access to these images through our iHistorical™ application as well as in many of our reports generated through our Business Intelligence platforms.  These images are available for both viewing and downloading to ensure you always have access to your data, invoice images and all backup documentation at all times, anywhere in the world.

We utilize the latest imaging technology to store your tariffs, contracts and rate agreements with your transportation providers. We also store the vital invoice data in our online repository. Our Intelligent tools make the data searchable while storing them in Image formats. This information is available for viewing anytime from any location with just a few clicks.