Contract Management

nVision Global has released a new offering to service customers who don't necessarily want a full-scale TMS or Freight Audit solution but are interested in storing their negotiated pricing tariffs in a secure location and being able to rate shop potential shipments against these rates. This new solution is available to customers who wish to maintain their rates themselves, or as a managed service, whereby you send your rates to nVision Global, and we'll ensure they are formatted and loaded into our secure database. Once these rates are loaded, they are available to you for rate shop purposes, as well as downloading for your personal storage. Your rates are only available to those associates to whom you provide access, ensuring your rates are 100% secure.

The uses and benefits of nVision Global's Contract Management service are wide-ranging and different for each customer. Some customers utilize this service as just a secure location to store their pricing tariffs for easy retrieval, while others use it as a means to determine the proper transportation provider for all of their shipments. Realize the possibilities for your company with this service, and contact us today!

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