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nVision Global specializes in providing global freight invoice audit, payment, and information management services for customers around the globe. In our 25 plus years in business, we have developed a vast amount of expertise in managing invoices from all modes of transportation, from all over the world, in any currency, and in most languages. If you are looking for an experienced, world-class freight audit & payment solutions provider, look no further.

Our Sarbanes-Oxley compliant solutions allow your organization to access nVision Global's broad experience and technology that has taken us from a regional freight audit and payment service provider, to our current role as a leading global provider of invoice audit, payment and logistics information management services. Our customers have come to rely on our prompt and accurate freight payment services, as well as our leading-edge information management analytical software, to help them manage their overall transportation costs.

How nVision Global is transforming freight audit and payment practices for better business objectives

nVision Global's technology allows you to automate your Freight Audit and Payment processes, while providing in-depth reporting capabilities not previously possible. Our enhancements to the freight audit industry over the past 25 years have enabled our customers to become more efficient, reduce their freight costs, prevent incorrect payments, generate analytics that drive critical decisions, reallocate valuable resources to revenue-generating roles, and to ultimately become more profitable. We have become one of the best in the industry for a reason; we work hard to understand our customer's requirements and we develop solutions that exceed them. We are the global leader in the Freight Audit & Payment business. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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