Reliable Freight Audit & Payment Services

We provide freight audit and payment services to simplify logistics operations and maximize cost savings.

    nVision Global Presents $250+ Million in Savings Opportunities Annually to Our Customers


    Save 6%-9% of your annual transportation spend by utilizing nVision Global’s industry leading technology.

    Custom Business Logic

    Automate your own specific business rules that govern the processing of your freight invoices.

    Custom Cost Allocation

    Automate your general ledger cost coding allocation reducing burdens on your finance teams.

    Why You Need Freight Audit & Payment

    Rate Update Processes Are Optimized

    The system for updating rates for shipping services has been improved to make it faster, more accurate, and more efficient.

    Cost Allocation of Freight Costs Are Automated

    This means that the process of allocating costs for shipping goods has been automated, which reduces the likelihood of errors and makes it faster to complete.

    Data And Reporting Collection Become Much Faster

    The system for collecting and reporting data related to shipping has been improved to make it quicker and more accurate.

    Approval For Extra or Unforeseen Costs Are Harmonized

    This means that the process for approving any extra or unforeseen costs related to shipping has been standardized, which reduces confusion and makes it faster to get approval.

    AP Processes Become More Efficient

    This means that the accounts payable processes related to shipping have been improved to make them more efficient, which reduces the time and effort required to complete them.

    Carrier Communication Becomes Streamlined

    This means that the system for communicating with carriers has been improved to make it more efficient and effective, which reduces the likelihood of errors and delays.

    Why nVision Global is Right For You

    30 Years of Experience

    Integrated Platform For All Locations

    Automated GL Coding

    Comprehensive Shipment Data Visibility

    Simple Exception Management Portals

    Custom Business Logic Integration

    Global Presence

    Multi-currency Payments

    Seamless Integration of Freight Audit

    Worldwide Support

    Trusted Freight Audit Solutions

    Learn how our Freight Audit & Payment Solutions can help you optimize your transportation spend today.

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