What are the greatest threats
to the Oil & Gas Industry?

During the early months of 2020, we saw a dramatic decrease in the world GDP, caused, in part, by the COVID19 pandemic. During this time, many industries suffered due to the dwindling demands for certain commodities, causing bankruptcies and closings to some. The demand for gasoline and petroleum products also saw a decline for the industry.

Dave Maddox, SVP of Supply Chain at nVision Global, and Kevin Hill, Head of Research with Freightwaves provide insight into this situation and share some tips to help manage the Supply Chain efficiency.

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    What you will learn from the Webinar?

    • Statistics of supply chain growth in 2020.
    • Tools and services that can help to get through this threat.
    • How to cope-up with increased transportation rates.
    • How utilizing a TMS can help in saving money in the Global Freight Shipment.

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