We Process Freight Claims for All Modes of Transportation

$7,000,000+ Recovered for Our Customers Since 2020, with more than 7,300+ Loss and Damage Claims Filed

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    Freight Claims Management


    Let us manage your company’s freight claims process utilizing our proprietary Claims Management software

    • Our claims team, on average, has 10 years of experience in freight claims processing and collection.
    • nVision Global’s experienced Claims team boasts an 87% collection rate, at speeds 35% faster than the freight claims industry standard.
    • Certified loss and damage Claims professionals are adept at addressing the most complicated and difficult freight claim challenges, which has resulted in more than $15.5 million in savings.
    • nVision Global Claims professionals provide their experience and expertise to assist the Transportation Consumer Protection Council.


    Manage your company’s claims process online with our cloud-based Claims Management software.

    • Easily file claims with just a few mouse clicks.
    • Quickly access and collaborate on claims across multiple users, departments, or locations.
    • Claims are funneled through your company’s designated Claims Manager to ensure compliance to your standards.
    • Manage claims based on type, status, location, provider, and other key factors.
    • Claims and supporting documents are safely stored in nVision’s Secure Claims database.
    • Extensive summary and detail reports are available in multiple formats.

    Claims That We Process

    How the Claims Process Works