Gain control of your supply chain with Cloud-Based TMS software

IMPACT TMS provides visibility and management of your global shipments for all modes from purchase order through delivery. Integrate all of the features in a TMS solution with nVision Global’s other technologies such as Freight Audit and Payment, Freight Claims and Business Analytics. We are one of the few providers in the world that can offer these solutions in a single package coupled with blind/reverse spot auction as well as a freight expedite automated approval tool.

Contact us today to learn how you can integrate the following features into your Supply Chain:

  • Multi Mode/Cargo International Capable
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Shipment Creation (Inbound Order & Outbound Execution)
  • Vendor & Customer Integration
  • Shipment Consolidation
  • Shipment Mapping
  • Shipment Rating
  • Integrated Spot Quote & Reverse Auction Module
  • Freight Expedited Automated Approval
  • Consolidated Rate Visibility (Negotiated & Spot Rates in One View)
  • Integrated Shipment Tendering (Booking)
  • Real-Time Visibility Module
  • Bill of Lading (BOL) Creation
  • Integrated Routing Guide
  • Execute & Manage Parcel Shipments

Easily Manage Your Shipments

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Some Features of Impact TMS

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In addition to our TMS, we offer an end to end suite of solutions allowing you to consolidate your efforts and data into a single platform



You don't just get our software, but also a team of dedicated resources located strategically throughout the world to support you every step of the way

With more than 500 employees and 7 offices strategically located throughout the world, you always have someone to work with or contact.  We speak more than 25 languages and offer a multitude of communication channels to ensure you are supported 24 x 7 x 365.


nVision Global has been in business for more than 28 years and has become the de-facto expert in offering supply chain solutions to companies around the world
With more than 500 associates worldwide, many of whom have worked at nVision Global in excess of 15+ years, we have accumulated the experts in the industry to provide you the supply chain solutions that are critical to your organization.

We Offer Control Tower Services

Impact TMS allows for either an nVision Global Control Tower Management of your shipments or a Customer Managed  SaaS option.

Because IMPACT TMS is cloud-based, you can access your shipment data from anywhere in the world, which means you can take control of your shipment activity or allow nVision Global’s experts to manage this activity for you.

Allowing nVision Global to manage your shipments ensures these activities are performed, while allowing your associates to focus on the core competencies of your business.

  • Shipment Integration (In the application or ensuring it is created via an automated solution)
  • Optimization of the shipment (consolidation, etc.) utilizing the customer’s business rules

  • Management of any spot quotes and / or approvals required
  • Ensuring routing guide or transportation provider selection criteria are enforced

  • Management of shipment tender / booking
  • Management of shipments from pickup to delivery and ensuring any updates from the provider for visibility are updated and viewable in the exception screen
  • Alleviates administrative burdens of transportation management



Traditional TMS

(Manhattan, JDA, SAP, etc.)

Upfront Cost No software licenses, hardware, software or database license required Exceed Hundreds of Thousands, plus ongoing maintenance costs
Implementation Speed and Cost 30 to 90 days Typically 6-9 months and often longer
Promotes/Enhancements Promotes immediate available to all customers Annual upgrades that are expensive and disruptive with version control issues
Delivery System Cloud based, only internet access and a browser are required for user access Seat licensing and desktop client-side software limit TMS access and configurability
Execution Greater than 90% automation of primary carrier assignment
Fully integrated freight audit and payment functionality(Self-Invoice)
Full visibility to in-transit freight
Greater manual assignment, lack of FAM, and lack of integration with audit and payment
Optimization Proven configurable optimization engines reduce cost while meeting service requirements Optimization engines are present but often underutilized shelfware
Business Intelligence / Advanced Analytics Comprehensive reporting and analytics pulling back millions of records of data in seconds Need to create from scratch, often with external software tools separate from the TMS
B2B Integration Integration experience with multiple ERP and order management
Plug-in EDI integration with hundreds of carriers and multi-modal
Requires custom development and integration which can be expensive
Availability and Scalability High levels of availability and scalability through SaaS model, backup data center, storage strategy, server virtualization, and cloud-based Requires expensive IT resources and hardware for availability/scalability

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