Visibility to Active & Expired Carrier Rates

A common issue that customers face is that not everyone has access to the negotiated pricing tariffs for all transportation providers.  So an associate in Hong Kong may not know that someone in Amsterdam negotiated a rate with a certain transportation provider, so they continue to use their old contacts, which results in a higher cost to the company and ultimately the consumer.

nVision Global has solved this issue in a number of ways, but mainly by providing access to all negotiated transportation provider tariffs through our iPricing module.  This module displays all active and expired pricing for the user to clearly see.  The expired pricing is highlighted and the expiration dates are noted so that users can see historical pricing if their research requires that access.

As per our network and application security, only registered and permitted users have access to this data, so your rates are secure in our database.  However, the visibility to these rates ensures all users can determine how and why a shipment was billed without having to contact the transportation provider or the logistics department, thus reducing overhead and wasted time.  Likewise, this access also allows users to determine if a shipment was billed incorrectly based on the negotiated terms and in fact, this is exactly how our manual audits are performed so the same access that nVision Global auditors utilize, is available to you, the customer.

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