Negotiate Your Contracted Freight Tariffs

At it's core, iProcurement automates your freight tariff negotiations so that you no longer have to send spreadsheets back and forth to transportation providers and then spend countless hours trying to determine which provider is best for which lane.  nVision Global's iProcurement is a combined software and service solution where the nVision Global team works with the client to establish the key project goals and objectives, establishes the selected Transportation Provider base for the procurement exercise, and builds every project to the specific needs of our partner.  iProcurement is supported by powerful web-based software to provide an easy-to-use interface with transportation providers in the course of the bidding process, an experienced multi-lingual team, and powerful analysis tools to assist the client in making the final selection of transportation providers based on the best information obtained from the procurement event.

You will not only gain clear visibility to which providers can move your products for different lanes, but you will also clearly see who is the cheapest provider, analyze those providers that are reliable or not and ultimately, you are able to divvy up the percentages of shipments allocated to each provider so that you do not have to "put all of your eggs in 1 basket".

nVision Global's iProcurement solution is revolutionizing the freight tariff negotiation process.  Contact us today for your demo.