Freight Bill Audit

nVision Global specializes in providing global freight invoice audit, payment and information management services for customers around the world.  We have developed a vast amount of experience and expertise in managing invoices from all modes of transportation, from all over the world and in any currency and in most languages throughout our 25 years of business.  If you are looking for an experienced, world class freight audit & payment solutions provider, look no further.

Our Sarbanes-Oxley compliant solutions allow your organization to access nVision Global's vast experience and technology that has taken us from a regional freight audit and payment service provider to nVision Global's current role as a leading global provider of invoice audit, payment and logistics information management services. Our customers have come to rely on our prompt and accurate freight payment services as well as our leading-edge information management analytical software to help them manage their overall transportation costs.

Our advanced freight audit & payment solutions allow customers the following capabilities:

  • Automated Rating against your negotiated pricing tariffs
  • Custom Business Logic - You are able to build rules that direct freight bill activities based on most data elements that are stored in our database
  • Custom Cost Allocation - You are able to design and automatically run custom GL Coding that fits your finance team's specifications. If we have the data stored in our database, it can be utilized for the creation of your custom GL Coding.
  • Match Pay - We can utilize your Purchase Order and/or Bill of Lading files to ensure you on pay invoices that are valid
  • Online Audit Disputes & Review - nVision Global has developed industry-leading web portals that allow both you the customer and your transportation providers to view and address any audit or business rule disputes online.
  • Automated & Manual Audit Capabilities - We strive to ensure your invoices are rated through our automated process, but for those situations that depend on a person to review the invoice, we have you covered. We have processing centers across the globe that ensure your invoices are audited correctly and efficiently.
  • Complete Visibility to all of your data - nVision Global has developed state of the art Business Intelligence tools that not only provide you visibility to your data but also allow for you to analyze that data and make intelligent business decisions.