Routing Guide Development

What is a Routing Guide? According to Inbound Logistics, "Routing guides contain routing instructions and the rules of engagement for shipping products from suppliers and to customers. They include modes and carriers to use in specific lanes. They can also contain rates and service requirements. Routing guides help operations staff and trading partners interpret and process the routing instructions and ensure compliance."

But how do you create this routing guide and how can you make your associates adhere to it? These are questions that we hear every day and this is why nVision Global has developed not only a suite of applications to make this process possible, but has also acquired some of the brightest minds in the industry to ensure it is accomplished.

nVision Global utilizes a variety of data sets to help you generate your custom routing guide. We can analyze your past freight expenditures to help you determine the optimal mix of providers and modes to move your shipments. Or, we can partner together to utilize current shipment data and the use of our iProcurement and iMpact TMS platforms to not only create the optimal routing guide, but to ensure its compliance. Our iProcurement application will not only help create your routing guide, but will also ensure the agreed-upon charges for the chosen transportation providers are as low as possible. By utilizing nVision Global's iMpact TMS, you ensure that all shipments organized through this application are not only rated against your negotiated rates for rate shopping, but also that the shipment is run through your routing guide to confirm the proper transportation providers are the only ones returned in the results.

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