nVision Global continues its role as a leader in Logistics Management & Analysis by introducing technology and innovations to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the market. Our iTools suite of applications and modules offers customers interactive experiences unlike anything else in the industry. Our solutions include global reporting, mapping, graphing, benchmarking, modeling, and network optimization that will assist with streamlining your supply chain. Below are descriptions of just some of the modules that are offered in nVision Global's iTools Suite.

iDistance™ - A web-based distance calculator, simply input your origin and destination postal codes and the mileage is instantly generated. This tool allows for multiple stop off points and will provide leg miles as well as total miles. iDistance is a helpful tool for determining line-haul calculations.

iFBStatus™ - An online application that allows users from any remote location using a web browser to see the current payment status of freight invoices in real-time. Drill down capability of detailed information is possible by clicking on the desired invoice including an image of the invoice.

iHistorical™ - A single-source repository for viewing scanned images of paid or historical freight invoices along with back-up documents. These images are easily available directly on-line via our web site utilizing a web browser.

iPricing™ - A single-source repository for all your rates. Imaging Technology is utilized to electronically store your tariffs, contracts, and rate agreements with transportation providers. These images are available for viewing directly on-line from a web browser at any remote company location and notifications are available when rates are near expiration.

iReports™ - Provides the user with a vast array of “pre-defined” transportation and accounting reports. Each report can be downloaded to MS Excel for further manipulation and analysis. In addition, iReports™ features an “ad-hoc” query capability that allows custom creation of unique reports for customized reports.

iShip™ - A shipment module that allows the user to input shipment data and rate a shipment in conjunction with nVision's Rate Shop Module to determine the least cost transportation provider based on transit time. iShip™ will also generate a straight or customizable bill of lading, calculate and apply accessorial charges.

iVisibility™ - A single-source means of tracking each shipment utilizing two different methods. iVisibility™ provides a simple means of tracking shipments utilizing direct web links to the transportation provider's own tracking site or iVisibility™ can be internal to your system where EDI 214’s containing shipment status information is obtained directly from your transportation providers or trading partners. Either of these methods offer you single source shipment tracking capability with minimal resources.

iWeekly™ - An online reporting tool that allows transportation providers to run reports based on selected Customers and individual or all statuses. Drill down capability of detailed information is available along with report forwarding capabilities.