Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

Because nVision Global captures so much data, it is imperative that we provide that data to you in a multitude of ways so you have access to the KPI's you need and are you able to make intelligent business decisions based on data and not assumptions. nVision Global has developed some of the leading Business Intelligence and data analytics solutions in the industry.

We allow our customers and their users to customize the data that is provided to them in their reporting solutions. They are able to choose the data elements, the format of delivery, how they want to view it (mapping, spreadsheet, interactive widget, etc.), and we allow for the saving and automation of delivery to one or many recipients. We provide enormous quantities of data that are curated and presented through graphs, charts, and tables to make it more consumable for even the most untrained user. We also have the ability to process your past business data to help you make the best business decisions today.

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