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A Worldwide Leader in providing Global Freight Audit

nVision Global Technology Solutions, Inc., is a worldwide leader in providing Global Freight Audit, Payment & Transportation Management Software and Solutions. Throughout our network of seven (7) strategically placed, corporate-owned, full-service processing centers located in Ningbo, China; Atlanta, Georgia (USA); Maastricht, Netherlands; Cluj, Romania; New Delhi, India; Kolkata, India; and San Jose, Costa Rica, nVision Global provides its customers with exceptional products and services in the region, time zone, and language they’ve come to expect.

From our roots as a domestic U.S. freight invoice audit & payment company, to our current industry-leading global presence, nVision Global has expanded our offerings into a broad array of logistics services and software solutions for customers seeking a single-source solution. nVision Global provides best-in-class solutions for Freight Audit & Payment, TMS, Claims Management, Global Freight Rate Tender Management & Logistics Analysis.

Our solutions allow our customers to consolidate their data and management activities with a single, global data warehouse and analytical tools, which increase their efficiency and lower overall costs. Our unparalleled insight and knowledge of global regulations and processing lets us leverage our network of relationships around the world to ensure every client’s needs are identified and addressed. nVision Global’s unique approach has led to our global leadership in the industry, with customers in over 190 countries, and active payment of invoices in more than 50 different currencies.

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