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nVision Global is a single source solution that can process, rate, audit and remit payment for all modes of transportation.

nVision Global is transforming the freight audit and payment industry to meet the demands of today’s customers.

Our Framework

We are experts in providing both configurable & client specific freight bill auditing solutions, utilizing our configurable leading edge software & in-house industry experts


Save 6%-9% of your annual transportation spend by utilizing nVision Global’s industry leading technology.

Match Pay

nVision Global interfaces with all major ERP solutions ensuring full integration and seamless transfer of your data.

Custom Business Logic

Automate customer specific business rules that govern the processing of your freight invoices

Exception Management

Online exception management tools for both you and your transportation providers allowing seamless communication and quick resolution of any issues

Custom Cost Allocation

Automate your general ledger cost coding allocation reducing burdens on your finance teams.

Business Intelligence

Through data normalization, we transform your data and make it available to you through industry leading technology allowing you to make decisions based on facts, rather than emotion.

Learn how to grow your business and drive savings utilizing our freight audit and payment services

After 25 years in business, nVision Global has become a leader in the freight audit & payment industry for a reason; we constantly work with customers and transportation providers to understand their requirements and challenges and then we develop solutions that exceed them. Contact us today to learn more about our all the services that we offer.

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