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nVision Global Presents $250+ Million in Savings Opportunities Annually to Our Customers


Save 6%-9% of your annual transportation spend by utilizing nVision Global’s industry leading technology

Custom Business Logic

Automate customer specific business rules that govern the processing of your freight invoices

Custom Cost Allocation

Automate your general ledger cost coding allocation reducing burdens on your finance teams.

What is Freight Audit & Payment

“Freight Audit is the validation that you are paying the correct amount for the services provided” – Luther Brown
  • It is a Comprehensive Process to Validate Transportation Provider Invoices to Contractual Terms, Ensures Payments Are Made to Contractual Terms and Provides Detailed Shipment Visibility with Operational Business Intelligence (OBI).
  • It Insures You Don’t Pay Invalid Invoice Charges, Nor Will You Pay an Invoice Twice
  • It Allows You to Make Data Driven Decisions that Leads to Cost Savings
  • It Reduces Your Costs Associated with Managing Invoice Disputes & Transportation Provider Communications

Why You Need Freight Audit & Payment

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Rate Negotiations Through Extensive Business Intelligence

  • Control Your Supply Chain Costs With Access to Your Transportation Data

  • Visibility to Your Global Transportation Costs

  • Removal of Manual Touches with Automated Processing Solutions

  • Prevent Duplicate Invoice Payments

  • Fewer Supplier Inquiries
  • Utilization of Industry Experts


Why nVision Global is the Best Answer for Your Freight Audit & Payment Need

  • We Have Perfected Our Software and Solutions for Over 30 Years in the Business!
  • We Integrate All of Your Locations, Suppliers and Transportation Providers On a Single, Easy to Use Platform
  • We Give You Visibility to ALL of Your Shipment Data in One Place
  • Easily Allocate Costs Associated with Your Invoices Inside Your ERP with Our Fully Automated GL Coding Solutions
  • Verify Shipments are Valid with nVision’s Match Process whereby we Match the Data from Your Files (BOL, PO, Shipment, etc.) to the Invoices we Receive from the Transportation Providers
  • Easy to Use Exception Management Portals for Both You and Your Transportation Providers
  • Easily Integrate Your Custom Business Logic into an Automated Solution Within Our Process
  • We Have Offices Located Around the World
  • We Can Pay in Most Currencies Through Our In Country Bank Accounts
  • Seamlessly Integrate Our Freight Audit Solution with Other Solutions We Offer Such as Claims, TMS, and Contract Procurement
  • WE ARE ONE OF A HANDFUL FREIGHT AUDIT COMPANIES THAT CAN PROCESS AND SUPPORT YOU GLOBALLY. Many say they do this, but having 1 person in a country doesn’t mean they have an office there.