nVision provides a World-Class Global Invoice Audit & Payment Solution for Teradyne.

Through the utilization of nVision's web based applications, Teradyne is able to realize year over year savings, supply chain efficiencies and productivity gains.

Nvision Global Empowered Alcatel’s Enterprise Division with actionable Business Intelligence

Through nVision's global freight audit and payment process, valuable Business Intelligence is captured to provide Alcatel with a global data warehouse that allows Alcatel to streamline, optimize and fine-tune their global supply chain.

The Quantum Solution

As firms become more risk adverse, they are putting a priority on protecting their proprietary information. As the amount of data increases however, that is becoming more difficult. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Quantum provides the answer through its comprehensive solutions using multiple technologies.

The Neumayer Tekfor Group

Through nVision’s effective audit process that identified incorrect rates with transportation providers and duplicate billings of invoices, Neumayer Tekfor realized a positive return on investment of 4.8 € to 1.00 €.